Open Source

As we are part of the larger Open Source community, we believe it is important to actively contribute to individual projects. This could just be assisting users, providing feedback to the project developers and improving documentation or perhaps providing relevant tools and patches, to the benefit of our customers.



As such, we are an important force in the following Open Source projects:



The aim of this project is to create a device that collects air polution data (PM10 and PM25 fine dust) and is mounted on bicycles to crowdsource factual air pollution information in and around the city of Ghent, Belgium. The hardware and firmware design is modular and extendable. The device can be locally reproduced and repaired.



Simple, fast and flexible configuration management system the way systems management was supposed to work. The provisioning framework offers provisioning and deployment modules for physical and virtual machines.



ODF backend for the AsciiDoc light-weight markup language, providing an elegant and flexible way to convert practical documentation into professionally branded corporate documents in OpenDocument Format (ODF). It supports both ODF Text documents (.odt) as well as ODF Presentations (.odp).



A tool to make system (hardware, software and active config) snapshots so that one can verify them with earlier snapshots, compare them with other systems or send out changes to a group of people.



Flexible XSLT converter for text documents to OpenOffice, a piece in the conversion chain from practical documentation to professional corporate documents in OpenDocument format.



Pluggable real-time performance monitoring tool that puts you in charge of what metrics you want to correlate and allows you to write your own python plugins for gathering custom data to correlate with.


ELRepo project

A collection of hardware driver packages and kernel functionality that is lacking from RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux or Oracle Linux. This repository consists of many production-ready and vendor-promoted drivers and integration that is crucial for any professional Linux environment.



Tool to synchronize RPM repositories from various sources, supports various protocols and specific APIs (like RHN and YaST sources). mrepo makes it easy to manage existing repositories and maintain your custom repositories in a corporate multi-tiered environment.



A tool that allows to tunnel (anything) through most corporate web proxies.


Relax-and-Recover (aka. Rear)

Disaster recovery and migration solution for Linux, Rear can take care of complex system designs and allows you to restore from backup in no time, either on the same or different hardware, virtual or physical.


RPMforge project

A collection of 5000+ additional RPM packages updated for use with RHEL, CentOS or Oracle Linux with various tools and applications frequently used in an Enterprise Linux environment.



A command-line tool to do batch-conversions of various document formats supported by OpenOffice, it can apply style templates during conversion to enforce corporate identities. Often used to convert alien formats to OpenDocument Format (ODF) or convert ODF to Microsoft Word (DOC) or PDF files.




And we are contributing in various ways to the following Open Source projects:



Simple, fast and flexible configuration management system the way systems management was supposed to work.



Light-weight markup language for writing proposals, design documents or technical procedures with integration for schemas, graphs and diagrams.


CentOS Linux

Most popular Linux distribution at the moment



Advanced modular content management system



Open Source office suite


Red Hat Enterprise Linux™

Most valuable Enterprise Linux



Efficient file synchronization tool



Samba VFS and anti-virus daemon



Versatile boot-loader



and many more...

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